On Co-sleeping

Co-sleeping with Cal
I have a friend who couldn't get her three year old to sleep unless she climbed into the cot with him and spooned him. For real. It's lucky for her that she's pocket-sized and could quite comfortably spend the night in the cot with him. When she told me this, I laughed. Not me, I thought, I've seen episodes of The Super Nanny. Cut to our first week home with Cal, and there I am spooning him to sleep on the couch.

Two months later and we're now "kinda-co-sleeping." He sleeps in his crib right next to me on the couch. Sometimes after a feed he'll go back in there, and sometimes we resume the spoon until his next feed. And the thing is, it works. Cal's happy, David (asleep in the bedroom) is happy, and I'm happy. I probably get about 9 hours sleep a night this way. And to quote Obama, "when mama's happy, everybody's happy."

But I do miss my man. And my bed. My mum's here from Australia next week. She'll be staying in the nursery, but after she leaves I think it'll be time for Cal to do some solo-sleeping.

And sometimes No-sleeping


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