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David is blessed with an enviably large and soft beard. It gets nods of approval from other men and elicits greetings in arabic from local muslims impressed by his obvious religious fervor. Men even ask to touch it. I'm not kidding, after a couple of drinks at a party, there's always a guy who casually asks if he can feel it. Rather than being creeped out, David is stoked and the beard fondling begins. I love David's beard big and wild and manly - grrr! (Or ew, you may be saying), so when I heard about a new barber shop in Amsterdam, dedicated to beard-love, I knew it was David's destiny to go there. So on Saturday David had the 'Obi-Wan' treatment at Barber - 40 minutes of trimming, shaping, hot-towel, waxing, massaging goodness. We were both a bit skeptical as to whether it would be worth the €45. The store's site and design have all the hallmarks of hipster cool and we were prepared for it to be a bit of a joke, but after the treatment was over David was a complete convert and was already talking about going back for more. It was fun to see him with that post-treatment glow, that feeling like you've just realized that all this time there has been a big massage/pedicure/whole body scrub-sized hole in your life and that living will be better now that you know you need this at least every two weeks. Of course it's another 9 months before you get back there, but the feeling is awesome while it lasts.
David and Cal at Amsterdam Barber
Hot towels during the treatment  
The treatment list - David went for the Obi-Wan
Cal at Barber 
The results 
Amsterdam Barber


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