A Whole New World

Life just got good. Cal can properly walk. Around the house. On his own. And not the crazed forwards-stagger that he's been doing for the past few weeks. He's mastered a controlled patter-patter and it takes him anywhere he wants to go. Into the kitchen, back into his room, back out to see Daddy at his desk, and all the while shouting Ba-ba, Ba-ba, Ba-ba which we presume means, "Guys, guys, I can can walk! I can walk! I can waaaaallllk!" So, instead of having to hover behind him with a catcher's mitt, I can now sit my butt down in the sun and get on with some good reading. And it feels good! So darling, if you need me in the next 16 years, Mummy will be over here with her cup of tea and her book. Thank you.


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