Easter Egg Hunt

It's 5 degrees out there today, which in these parts is practically tropical, so it was a great morning for our egg hunt. Being my first egg hunt meant there were a few rookie mistakes made. I hid/scattered the eggs under a lovely tree with a bed of sprouting blue bells beneath. A lovely spot for for pictures, not so great for the flowers when 10 chocolate-crazed kids were set loose upon the patch. I also hid the chocolate too early and a fair few eggs were lost to dogs who'll be feeling that easter egg foil later today, sorry about that. I also forgot to chill the champagne for the grown-ups, but being 5 degrees out  no one complained too bitterly. But the kids had fun, Cal also got a mouthful of foil which he wasn't best pleased about, but you live and learn - next year will be even better. 


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