Finding Nemo

I thought we'd been to every indoorsy kid related venue in town, but then yesterday we remembered Nemo, the kid's science museum. NEMO, of course! we cried, relieved not to spend another Saturday at Tun Fun, as great as it is.

When I was a student I lived opposite the Nemo building and have drunk my fair share of beers at the bar on the roof, but obviously never considered going inside. It was pretty cool. Three floors of experiments - bubbles, mouse-trap style ball machines, crazy mirrors, electricity balls - you know the deal. There wasn't really anything for babies/toddlers so we had to lift Cal up to press buttons etc, but he seemed to enjoy himself. 

But the greatest part about yesterday was the weather. The trees along the canals have their fuzzy blossomy foliage, there are beers being drunk on terraces and the 9 streets are near impossible to cycle through for all the tourists wandering around like stoned zombies at Disneyland. But best of all, hats and gloves are thing of the past. Ahhhhh, springtime in Amsterdam!


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