Cal is currently going through a bit of a crying phase. It's exacerbated by the crankiness that comes with (yet another) cold. There's a lot of tears these days. When he doesn't want to go to sleep, when he falls on his bum, nappy changes and the dreaded snowsuit. I can deal with most of it except for the crying at night, when the day is done and everyone's energy is all used up. I'm hoping it's just a phase. Like the high pitched squeal that he used to do when he wanted something, and now doesn't anymore, or poking his tongue out to say hello, that he also doesn't do anymore and which we miss terribly. 

On the upside, he has learned to nod yes. 
Do you want to get down and have more playtime now? 

And it's just the cutest.
Kitchen inspection
Saturday pancakes
All better
Happy Saturday x


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