More Sydney

There's been barely a minute to scratch ourselves lately. 

Cal's sleeping has been terrible and we're both a little exhausted and ready for our/his own bed again. But we've been having the most wonderful time catching up with family, friends and new babies. 

Cal and I have decided to spend our last 2 nights in a hotel to give Grandma a break from our midnight shenanigans, and hopefully we'll get a couple of good night's sleep before the flight home on Monday. Here's a few shots from the past few days. xx
Cold Sydney mornings call for Eskimo impersonations
Another beautiful winter's day - this time in Cockle Bay

Oh holy mobile phone
Tasmanian Devil at the Wildlife Park in Darling Harbour
Hungry Koala
Getting behind the whole wildlife thing
Stroller racing
Mum and the Emu
He's fast now
Winter sun 
Cal and his Anne-ma, so many excellent conversations
Goofing around with Mama
Toddler bliss at John and Alice's in my old hood
John, Cal and Will
And with Archie the dog, who Cal adored
Nothing beats a trampoline-ball pit


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