Finding Our Way

They say that moving house, unemployment and divorce are some of the hardest everyday stresses people can experience. Thankfully no-one's getting divorced, but it feels like we've definitely got the other two covered these past months. And times two, because there's two of us experiencing the work and new country instability. Add caring for a toddler to the mix and this holiday has been some of the hardest time we've spent together as a family.

But we're finding our way. As David likes to say, "when you're going through hell - keep going." I like to think of us as Platypuses. We like shit to be the same. We get freaky when shit is not the same. So this past month we've been hell-bent on trying to get the balance back with new freelance work and a new kindy for Cal where he feels happy. We had a rough start with the kindy. The first one we tried was all wrong, but we seem to have found a better one now with a large and lovely playground, gentle teachers and happy 3-6 year olds.

I love these two pics above that David sent yesterday. Cal fingerpainting in the sunshine at the new kindy, and the boys having Korean lunch afterwards at a place they discovered across the road from the pool. We're finding our way.


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