For The Next While...

Cal in AnneMa's garden, February 2015

As our planned three months in Sydney winds up David and I have decided to stay here for a bit. For lots of reasons, but this picture kind of sums it up for me. I've loved raising my boy on bikes and by canals, but I also want him to know what it is to be a kid in Australia, bare bummed under a big blue sky.

Moving country is kind of horrible; there's indecision about work, pain at leaving friends and family behind, and so very much admin, but I hope this decision is right for us for the next while. And when I see Cal outdoors exploring, getting dirty, never more than a pair of shorts and a t-shirt on, I think it is. 

And then there's the purely selfish side. I like this version of parenting. I like this version of me and us three.

I'm excited (and a whole lot of apprehensive) about whether we'll be able to make our way here with work and the exorbitant cost of living, but I just keep this thought in mind...

Choose wisely


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