Simple Pleasures

Daydreaming between episodes of Peppa Pig - about what I wonder.
An ice-cream with green inside. He made me nibble into two before we got a green one. I obliged.
Necessity is a Mother. With David away I'm playing with the camera, trying to figure out all the ISOs, F-stops and other nonsense.
A new house plant has made me exceedingly happy this week. Simple pleasures.
Cal "fixing my car". I wish I'd snapped him similarly on his back under the pink ice-cream van in the mall today.
A 5 buck repair job. Good deal.
Every night he can add 2 drops of food dye to the water. Every night he agrees then squeezes the dropper like a maniac.
And every night I end up with Smurf fingers trying to grab the dropper back from him. Rascal.
The appropriately titled, Queen Rainbow food colours..
Kid makes me laugh.


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