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Perhaps whilst David was away there was more time for me to just sit, watch and observe Cal. When he wasn't running me ragged I noticed the sweetest of little changes.

He can tumble into our bed now without an elbow up.

He used to push his pants right down to his knees to have a wee, and now like a grown up dude just reaches in.

He can scrape the last of his rice bubbles off the edges and into the centre of his bowl.

And this morning he got out of bed and walked out of the room and his silhouette looked so tall and grown to me like a flash forward to the future. A long lanky guy with a head of messy brown curls and such an air of happy self-containment. 
The Easter ducklings at Cal's kindy have hatched!
First icky and sticky, now fuzzy and golden
We're all just little duckies in a Grow Box, really


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