Ams & Syd - One Big Difference

Sydney is way more outdoorsy than Amsterdam. The weather's better and there's lots to do in the way of parks, beaches, bush walks etc. However I'm getting NO exercise here because we have to drive everywhere!

And man, my back is feeling it. One of the best thing about living in Holland is the enormous amount of incidental exercise you get from biking and walking everywhere - especially around a compact city like Amsterdam.

But here in Sydney the distances are so much greater, especially living in the 'burbs. We drive Cal to and fro from kindy, drive to the beach (where David gets his exercise in the surf) and drive to parks (where Cal gets his exercise doing laps on his scooter), but I end up sitting on a bench, or sometimes doing walking laps of the playground like an inmate.

I try to do my yoga as much as possible, but it's not the same as steady biking or walking for 20 minutes to get the back muscles warm and moving. Anyway, I'm going to have to try harder to get out and move a bit more for half an hour everyday.

Yesterday I remembered that David hadn't been to the national park right next to where we're living at the moment, so after kindy we went down there for a bush walk through the mangroves. Cal has been a few times with AnneMa and was excited to show us the way.


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