Did you know that some people are starting to refer to staying at home with their kids as "homesteading" instead of "staying at home with your kids"? Actually, I don't even know if you have to have kids to do it. It could just mean taking staying at home seriously and making a thing of it, which sounds so up my alley.

So on Thursday that's exactly what Cal and I did. We got down with some Homesteading. For example, I stayed in my pyjamas all day. Often people describe this as a luxurious activity but it always makes me feel a bit gross, but on Thursday I tried it and it was ok. 

And we did lots of wonderful homey things:
Cal tried Golden Crumpets for the first time and found them agreeable.

I took Mum's suggestion and rolled a piece of carpet out onto the concrete and set Cal's toys up there. This was such a success that I even squeezed in 35 minutes of yoga, in my pyjamas with only one or two toddler attacks during down-dogs.

Cal painted in the sun and played with his trucks in the dirt. Sounds totally normal but Cal has never really been a play on his own kind of kid and I was so impressed with how many games and little adventures he found for himself yesterday. I guess he just needs the opportunity.

And we bought daffodil bulbs and planted them. Basically we nailed Homesteading. For one whole Thursday!
Cal and the autumn sun through the bones of the frangipani tree
The very delicious first crumpet
Pondering a day with No Plans
The new trampoline is also great for trucks
Cal's cold made him extra cuddly all day
The "Whys?" are in full force and often hilarious
Autumn on fire in the garden
Having "Apartment-steaded" till now I've usually left crafting to kindy, but yesterday we painted and no one got hurt
The Frangipani's last blooms


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