Today was meant to be my last day as a full time mama-freelance-copywriter-juggler before I began my new full time job on Monday. I spent the day with a sense of ill ease. Life was about to change, for me and our family. All week David and I had been musing, questioning even, whether this decision was the right one. As the afternoon ticked by I wondered whether I had made the most of my freedom, my time at home with our family of three. 

The ill-ease manifested itself in the most obvious of activities - I baked a cake that I had seen on the internet. It's called an "Anne" like my mum. Who also this week was wondering whether my taking a full time job was a good idea. She told me to line the cake tray with baking paper and I didn't. The cake stuck. As I was thumping the bottom of the tin trying to dislodge the rubbery mass, all the while musing on the Freudian significance of it all, I got a call. The job fell through. The advertising agency changed their mind about their hiring needs. I'm free again. And it's a relief.

I'm enjoying Cal so much these days. He's particularly charming at the moment, and David and I are also behaving better after our hard start here a few months ago. I love the flow of our days - the slow wake-ups with cuddles and cartoons. Taking it in turns to take Cal to kindy. Working opposite one another at the kitchen table. Working on exciting projects together that will soon take us on some pretty special adventures. Sometimes popping out for Thai or Vietnamese lunches. And picking Cal up in the afternoon, sometimes swinging by a park on the way home to drinks and dinner.

So on Monday it's full steam ahead with building more of a freelance network here and creating our own projects. And more of this please - Cal, David and myself in a peaceful balanced place.

It's good to be reminded that The Universe has it all under control and challenges mostly resolve themselves with very little worry from us. And it's also good to be reminded to listen to your mother. 
Moments like these are not to be missed. Cal snorkelling in the sink.
The footpath at Curl Curl. Nuff said.


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