Impersonations Of A Suburban Stay At Home Mum

- At swim lesson I sat with another mother from Cal's kindy. It was confirmed that Maddie and Big Jaz are the reigning favourites at kindy that all the (3 and 4 year old) boys (and possibly girls) are making a play for.

- In the suburbs three kids, two years apart still seems the norm.

- I think weaponry-lust is the equivalent of princess-lust for pre-schoolers. Cal is heavily into swords, battleships and 'fireballing' me. He's started to make a lot of gun actions as well but I haven't heard the word yet. I have a feeling it's kept pretty hush-hush at kindy and on the shows he watches, which makes a nice change from when I was a kid.

- Cal asked could Daddy come too on our Mummy-and-Cal-Thursday. He misses him and keeps coming up with ways to convince me to go to Amsterdam. He even told me he didn't mind long flights.

- Cal baked his first cookies yesterday which were beyond delicious. We took some into Grandma who confirmed the fact. Cal preferred the unbaked cookie-dough versions.

- Cal has started calling out at night that he's scared. Mean Mum is instantly skeptical, trying to decipher from his voice whether he's actually scared or just trying it on. Nice Mum remembers terrible night time terrors from her childhood and the sweetness of her mother's warm legs under the covers after a nightmare.
The wine bottle was the rolling pin. I've mostly given up drinking while David is away
Happy, sad, nonplussed, freaked out. Cause life's like that
Not sold on the cooked version
Cookies and milk and sprinkles that don't stick


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