Mother's Day

We don't usually make a thing of Mother's of Father's day, but this year being in such close proximity to my mother and her mother it was fun to spend the day all together with a BBQ at the park. 

I'm particularly grateful to Mum this year for all her help with finding our way here in Sydney - giving us a lovely place to live, a car vroom vroom, a day a week with Cal - and of course all the excellent moments where we just meet halfway in the garden for a yak.

I read somewhere that adults also need parenting and I couldn't agree more. The world would be so much easier, nicer, less fight-y if we all had parent figures, or mentors; older wiser types to guide us and love us no matter what. 
Grandma, AnneMa and Uncle Alex
Marshmallows for real roasting, or just eating
BBQ jazz hands
Alex AKA The Human Flying Fox


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