The One About The Bus

My latest story in Anorak mag's 'Sweets' issue was inspired by waiting for the bus with Cal back in Amsterdam on a rainy night after kindy. It's a bit of a bus metaphor - about choosing which bus to jump aboard. I guess when I wrote it life was all about making decisions and whether to go with the crazy, safe, or totally unexpected option - but above all trusting your gut in the end.

I love how the illustrator Andrey Petranin imagined it - it's so close to how I experienced it. I love the details of the city on a rainy evening, the kid's expressions of excitement, boredom and alarm are spot-on for a three year old. I also think the characters really look like Cal and myself, which is a cute coincidence.

I named the little boy Theo after my friend's new baby. It'll be years before he's scooting down a rainy footpath at night, but that's something they have to look forward to. Scooting at speed, choosing our own adventure; it's one of my favourite parts of navigating this life with Cal.


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