Sunday was nap-day for me and when asked where he wanted to go with Daddy Cal requested that he go back to "the rocky beach" (Long Reef) again. Same as yesterday.

When David came back he told me that he'd overheard Cal saying the funniest thing to himself. Standing by himself on the beach he said, "Hello I'm Cal and this is my friend David. And at home is Mummy and Sock Fishy." And then he repeated it a couple of times as though rehearsing. 

He's cracking us up on a daily basis with weird stuff and I must keep a better track of it. Here's a few pearls from Cal recently.

Mum! Let's count your boobies!

If you see a guy walking down the street with no hair - it could be Daddy.

When I grow big I'm gonna get boobies so I can feed all the babies.

Cal (pointing at his own nipples): What are these? I think they are tiny tiny balls of sand that crabs have eaten and spat out again.

Oh Barnacles!

Me (when getting into the car at the railway station): Hi Cal, did you have a nice day at kindy?
Cal: Yes thanks! (Pause) Did you have a nice day at um, um.. the station?"


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