Life Lately

It's been a season of coming and going around here. David coming and going with work; the weather coming and going from summer to autumn (still this deep into winter); Cal's 'terrible threes' coming and going in jagged spurts of tantrums and independence-asserting balanced with a new maturity and gentleness; and finally a geographical going for our family. 

Today our rental application was accepted for an apartment in the city. It's our very first home chosen together as a couple after all the years of living in my Amsterdam flat. It has a lot of my dream house features - sunshine, high ceilings, a great kitchen with gas for David, a balcony with a view of city skyscrapers, parquetry floors, plantation shutters, built-in wardrobes, nearby parks aplenty and drumroll... a bath. We can't wait to start the next chapter there. And I can't wait for my first candle-lit bath with a bottle of chardonnay to make up for all that lost bathing time.

The garden flat up the back of Mum's has been a wonderful landing pad, and now a launch pad to somewhere of our own that we're really looking forward to spending some time together in as a family. Comings and goings. Shoots and roundabouts. Onwards and upwards. Run me a bath..
This is the 'sharing circle' of teddies
And this is Penny (my childhood doll) who will not share her chippies for love or money
And this is Cal roll-playing 'sharing' as this a skill that currently needs some finessing
This is Dad, stopping by for a visit and sharing Simon's 30 year old steamroller with Cal
Steamroller had to go outside because it was too smoky
But fun to see it again after all these years. Penny was obviously excited too. 
And this is tantrum number 119 million, for that afternoon alone probably. And look how jazzed I am about it.
But all's well that ends in Alfie stories. Shirley Briggs is a total legend who gets 3 year olds like no other author.
Chippies after swimming. Definitely Not Sharing.


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