Bits & Pieces (of Cake)

Needless to say it's been a busy week with the move from Mum's to Neutral Bay, but we made it and are settling in excellently to our new digs. Cal transitioned even more smoothly than us - as is the way with everything. He's the unflappable one in the family, but that could be down to the fact that his only current responsibilities are eating and relaxing. Whatever the case, I'm thankful he's so chill. He has one more week of Old Kindy before New Kindy in this area starts and he seems equally ok with the prospect of that.

David and I are a little bit exhausted from the move and the constant manoeuvring involved in establishing careers here. Mum has kindly taken Cal tonight so we have a night to ourselves in the new house which so far has involved sundowners on the balcony and a walk up to a cheap and cheerful Japanese canteen just off Military road that I think will become a new family favourite.

So all good. Sydney is treating us well this week. Here's a few snaps.
David's pancake game has gotten strong in the new kitchen
His first home with a bath. He's in it twice a day
A celebration for AnneMa's birthday 
Birthday cake is possibly his favourite thing in the universe
Cal with the birthday girl
He's getting along famously with uncle Alex these days

David and Cal walked to Balmoral for their day together on Thursday
Took them about 40 mins through the backstreets of Neutral Bay and Mosman
Working the windswept look
Balmoral Bathers - my dream restaurant
And my crazy, but even-keeled dream guy xx


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