The Boat

Growing up we were lucky to have parents with a boat. Of course we didn't appreciate it as much as we should have at the time, but I guess that's the job of children, to be thoroughly unappreciative.

Anyways, being on a boat on Pittwater and having a beach like Portuguese Bay all to yourself is bloody heaven - so thanks Dad for today and all the beautiful boat days from our childhood.

Cal took to the boat like any water activity, with aplomb. There's very little about a potentially dangerous situation that scares Cal and today was no different. He was scooting round the deck like he was born on it and had two good long swims in the 15 degree water.

David joined him on one and even swam right out to the boat, climbed up onto the top deck and did an excellent "bombetje" as the Dutch say.

There were chicken bread rolls, lemon tea cake, lots of cups of tea and a couple of head bumps on low ceilings - just like old times. Another Aussie dream fulfilled, being able to take David and Cal to this special place with the family.

Also, it's been so long since I've been on the water that I'm swaying while writing this. 

A million photos coming up..


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