Life Lately

David is in Amsterdam this week where he sends pictures he's taken of ballerinas dressed in couture standing on restaurant tables. But our life couldn't be more different.

We are all about pushing the pram to Woolies in the hot sun and having arguments over silly things like not eating ice-blocks and whole blocks of Parmesan cheese for breakfast.

We discovered the Cook and Philip pool beneath the square in front of St Mary's. It's warm and great with a fun slide that Cal goes down head first in his goggles like a luge. But the pool charges for 3 year olds - so 12 bucks for both of us - which I thought was a bit steep.

Cal's favourite word game is "matches up with". He proudly tells people on the street that Cal matches up with cow. 

The jasmine is out, its pushy fragrance an olfactory precursor to sunscreen and surf wax, which can only be days away with 28 degrees predicted for this weekend.

The epic hunt for a babysitter continues. I finally found one only to have her quit by text message before starting her first shift this week. 

Out the front window we can see a family of Kookaburras and a possum that makes his way lazily home on the power lines in the morning.


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