This Quiet Time

There's a part of me that's propelled towards adventures and there's a good part of me that likes it straight quiet. That's my personal yin and yang. And after a good bit of moving country adventures (and intense stress) I think we're levelling off, our ships are coming back to shore if you will.

Cal has settled beautifully into his new kindy, has made friends, and isn't at the hot centre of every ruckus anymore for which we're really grateful. I'm making my way with a few new clients and figuring out the constant juggle of what's enough work, what's too much. And David continues his life as an international man of photography with trips back and forth to A'dam and great work in both places. (Long commute).

So today I'm happy for the routine creeping in and must remind myself to linger here a little, before the wanting mind casts us off on another adventure.
Balmoral and a hand-made catamaran that the boys found in the trash and have claimed as their own


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