A Family Celebration

Last week Mum retired after so many years of work that she loved, and that we appreciate so much. It's such a thing to raise kids and pursue a career that's important to you, and she's an excellent example of managing to do both wonderfully. To celebrate we had a night at the Intercontinental near the Quay/Botanic Gardens. We were missing a couple of key family figures, and I was getting a horrible cold, but other than that it was a really fun night. Thanks Mum, and congrats from all of us. xxx
We kicked off the evening with a Christmas Carols quiz with "good prizes" and "bad prizes"
Good prizes were sweets, bad prizes were wasabi nuts, fisherman's friends etc
View from the roof bar at the Intercontinental
Cal with his insanely good vision spotted the Zoo all the way across the harbour

It's always great to get a terrible picture of young, hot people
Now these two know how to pose
Elton John coming through..
On the way to dinner at the Opera House

After being read the menu Cal told the waiter he'd have oysters and ice-cream, please! He even went on to try an oyster, but declined a second.

The next morning I woke up with a cold, on my birthday, poor me, so David took Cal out early for a scoot in the Botanic Gardens

And a breakfast ice-cream it appears. Yum.


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