Finding Our Way Back

David has just returned home away three weeks away shooting in Amsterdam, Spain and Mexico. It was the first time Cal cried as David said goodbye. With the frequency of D's big trips away Cal is starting to anticipate what all those weeks of separation feel like.

But we do well when David's away. Cal and I find our groove and the days are pleasant in their routine. David makes adorable videos every day to send home and even though Cal knows they're videos sometimes he can't contain himself and tries to engage David in the video with questions or wanting to show him things like a new toy.

The weather is classic summer. All blinding sunshine, balmy nights and relief when an overcast day rolls in.

When David returns home the first three days are difficult as emotions ping-pong and Cal readjusts to the dynamic of three. These photos were taken on a particularly hard afternoon which ended in Cal tantruming from Military Road all the way home, David frogmarching him down the hill, in the door and straight to bed. 

It doesn't look it in the pictures but I was actually frightened of him at this moment. There was an epic amount of cajoling involved in getting him to sit at the table and eat hot chips. Brat.

But he's come back to us and is his loving, amenable self again thankfully. He makes us laugh daily with his observations and jokes. 

Our favourite this week: "When I walk down the stairs my willy.. dances!"


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