A birthday this week. One that puts David neatly in 'his forties'. Like little kids husbands are better the older they get, I reckon. Not that he was bad before but he's absolutely bloody lovely now.

It's a summer without end here. Every day is 31 degrees and cloudless. I can't remember what a non-burning car steering wheel feels like. So I didn't bake for David's birthday. I bought a Pav base from Woolies and covered it in cold whipped cream and berries and it was a winner.

As a treat David and I had a spectacular 24 hours in Manly. We stayed at the Novotel while Mum babysat Cal. We walked around feeling very happy with ourselves for going on holiday 17 minutes drive away from our house. No check-ins, no anxiety about being too far away from Cal, more beach time, more money to spend on eating out. We went on and on about it.


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