May Days

May is my favourite month here, and especially this year with its unseasonal warmth - we're still getting the occasional 27 degree day that requires hats and sunscreen. And with a fair bit of smoke in the air from local burning off, the sunsets are gobsmacking - red, gold and mauve dripping into the early wintertime darkness. 

Cal is really shooting up (2cm this month, he's now 112cm!) and at the same time careening towards a new state of consciousness. He's interested in things like the limits of his field of vision, whether magic powers are real or not, and the other day he asked me what angry feelings inside me feel like.

Cal: Do they make you feel like you want to kill someone?
Me: Ha ha, sometimes. Mostly they just make me feel cross, and like there's something terrible in my tummy that needs to get out.

I love this new sentience. 

And along with his new reading and writing skills, we couldn't be more proud or excited by him and his next phase.

Jet ski.
Slippery when wet.

We hover behind him, hands clasped, iPhones recording as he sounds out the words happily. Oh Cal!

We're also excited about the upcoming trip to Amsterdam. In the mornings when we wake we talk about what kinds of things we'll do there. Riding our bikes through the Vondelpark, having lunch in Chinatown where we used to go when he was a baby, the flying fox in the park next to Oma and Opa's house, going on a canal boat.

This morning we unrolled the big plastic map of the world and traced our fingers from Sydney to Seoul to Amsterdam.

His other top travel destinations are Iceland and Antartica. Mine are Sri Lanka and the west coast of the States.
The dirt castle near kindy
Game of pre-schoolers
The wildly popular tree fort that David built next to kindy
En route to the fire station open day
Dressed to impress his idols
Watching The Little Mermaid with Skyler


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