The Christmas Present

This year Oma and Opa slipped a crisp one hundred dollar note into our Christmas card and so today we decided to see where it could take us. Cal was very excited about the prospect of spending $100 dollars. The only rule was to spend it on experiences not things. 

First we went to the MCA to see the Tatsuo Miyajima exhibition, which explored the themes of 'always changing' and 'being connected' through numbers. Cal loved the immersive rooms of glowing digital numbers. Numbers filled a cavernous room, were strewn atop a mountain of dirt with a model train circling them, and covered sculptures throughout the rooms. He remembered to keep a 'big step back' like the ticket seller had instructed him as she handed over our tickets. (Entrance $46 dollars)

Cal was entranced, but after a while said to me, 'Mum I think we should leave now, all this not touching is making me nervous.'

Next up was an ice-cream van. The old fashioned type that always makes me a little panicky about salmonella. There must have been an outbreak when I was a kid, or something. But he loved it, chocolate flake and all. (1 x ice cream $5.50)

And then up to the Galleries at Town Hall for sushi train, which is by far the most family friendly restaurant fare, always. (Sushi lunch for 4 - $40) Leaving $10 change that we probably spent on buses there and back. Thank you so much Oma and Opa it was fun to spend 100 bucks in the best way possible and lovely to spend the day together thinking of you guys!


  1. What a wonderful way to spend the day together! Lived reading this story, thanks so much! Xx

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