A Year On

It's exactly a year since I last put something here and as Cal's 6th approaches I don't want to let it pass without an update, including the little birthday interview I've done with him the past few years. 

But first a little bit of catching up from the past month. Christmas was great in the new house. We had a not too early morning and a quiet day just the three of us, followed by a trip to see Star Wars and then sushi for dinner. The following day we had the CDL festivus at ours and it was nice to have people over for the first time since moving in a couple months ago. We had eight around the table plus two kids and it was cozy, but worked well.

I also really enjoyed the week off over Christmas and then working from home the following week between Xmas and New Years was just the break I needed after the intensity of 2017. I think I may actually have relaxed, possibly for the first time in about 7 years, and it felt great. And better still I've managed to carry a good sense of calm into 2018, ferried by some high-reaching resolutions such as no mass social media and little-to-no drinking this year. I have a good feeling about this year. We achieved, and survived, a lot last year. And now we can sit back and just chill for a bit.

Posing with the tree
Yes, just like that babe
The lights are the best bit
Christmas morning 2017

Table set for Boxing Day, complete with Cal's handmade wooden car as a centrepiece

Oma and Opa received a photo book of their holiday to France with Cal and David
Felix and Nicky with Cal's new snowball scooper!
Cal and Felix 


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