The Birthday Treasure Hunt

On Sunday morning David created a treasure hunt for Cal's presents. The Cohen de Laras have a very special talent when it comes to rhyming poetry - Hans has written some excellent Christmas poems for Cal - and David really pushed the boat out with these rhyming clues...

To find your presents
you will have to go on a quest
you will only find them
if you try your best.

There are six hiding spots
each with a clue
and each has a present
waiting for you

The first clue is on the other page
it shouldn't be too hard
for a big boy your age

The 6 clues led him to presents, each with another clue attached to it. Most of the presents were tools for his new workbench and lego, until the final clue revealed his new bike on the balcony behind our bedroom curtains.

And after the treasure hunt the sun came out, so we took his bike for a spin to the frozen Westerpark. The new size of it took a little getting used to for him and there was a little bit of grumbling and refuse-nik-ism, but hopefully he'll get his confidence back again soon.


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