Almost Cooked

Preggo in Italia back in October

 Just a month left until we meet our baby girl. It's been a pretty good pregnancy, harder in some ways than Cal's, easier in others. The first trimester of this one was much rougher with way more intense nausea, but this final stage feels a little easier. Although, having said that I never did the final hard month with Cal as he arrived at 34 weeks, so talk to me in 3 weeks time when I'm ready to pop. This pregnancy was probably fraught with more anxiety about miscarrying, but on the bright side my hair and skin were great (they were awful with Cal), so you win some... etc....

In any case everything is ready to go, hospital bag by the door in case she decides to come before her January 2nd hospital date. And now I'm just hunkered down on the couch, with a few small pieces of work to keep me busy in the next couple of weeks. The weather outside is definitely frightful, but in a stroke of genius I did all the Christmas shopping in October when I could still ride my bike around town. So now there's nothing to do but sit and incubate. And decorate the Christmas tree this weekend, which Cal is highly excited about.
Much bigger and more couch-bound these days


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