This Kid

This kid has just a few weeks left of being our only child. If you know us, and you probably do because really only my family and David's read this blog, you'll know that the decision to try for a second, and again for a third pregnancy after the miscarriage, was a big deal for us, and the hardest decision we've made, and unmade and made and unmade and made and unmade and finally made. Cal, on the other hard has been resolute from the age of four that he "wants a baby sister." 

And now she's definitely on her way I think half my excitement at her arrival is the anticipation of watching Cal's wish come true. Throughout the pregnancy he's been so loving and attentive, telling her several times a day that he loves her and often thanking me for making him and his baby sister. We've known her name since we found out her sex and she already feels a part of his story. He speaks about her all the time, wondering things like what she'll be good and bad at, how fast she'll be able to run, and if she'll also like Minecraft.

There are definitely moments when I get a pang of sadness for the loss of all the only-child plans I had for just Cal and I. The travel we'd do together in the coming years now that he was older and so much easier. The freedom David and I would continue to enjoy as the parents of just one, the final escape from the horror of the baby years. Those things are real. But we finally did make our decision and I think I'll always feel jazzed that I was able to give Cal exactly what he asked for. And of course, that's just the beginning. Who will this little human be, and will she indeed like Minecraft?


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